Monday, September 24, 2012

"I am an exceptional missionary" :)

Dear family,
             Things are going really well in my mission.  I love to be a missionary.  We aren't have the most baptisms we every had or even finding a ton.  The work is good but not where it should be and we are working on that.  But we are working our hardest and I absolutely sharing this Gospel with everyone.  It is true.  It is not a lie it is 100% true and I know it is.  I love it and I love you and pray for each of you every day and for your success in all aspects but especially the Gospel.  Please never lose focus that the Gospel and living it IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.  There is no real and lasting happiness outside the plan of happiness so let's not look.

             We had a wonderful zone conference with Elder Golden and he is just amazing.  My interview with him was great and I love him.  He told me to tell you today that he says I am an exceptional missionary.  I loved every minute of the interview and wish I could go on a plane ride with him around the world so we could just talk.  He has a great South African accent.

              For transfers we are staying the same and I am in Ceres with Elder Gygi.  The zone is doing so well and we are so excited about this month and the following.  Right now after emails we are going to Patterson, a near by city in the zone, and we are going to play football and rugby but not tackle cause we can't.  A ton of Tongans live in Patterson so we go to play with them.  I can't wait.

               We have a baptism this weekend of an 11 year old girl named Yaniri Piza.  She is the daughter of a recently activated man who is doing really well right now.  We have some others who will be baptized soon as well at the end of the month or October.

              Please do your scripture study every day.  EVERY DAY.  Please I know that in prayer twice a day and in daily study is found the strength that our family NEEDS (like is essential) in order to become an eternal family one day.  It is a COMMANDMENT to read and pray every day.  Do it cause you love our Saviour and honor Him, His life and example.  Go share this with everyone and don't let our family reunion in heaven be short even one person.  We all need to make it home.  I love you all SOOOOOOOOOO much I can't describe and I pray for each of you and think of you even though I fail at writing you.  I LOVE YOU!
-Love Elder Neeley
ps the elder in the ice cream pic is Elder Hardy who serves around me and is going home after 2yrs on weds.

Monday, September 10, 2012

"Come on!" :)

Dear family,
           I just got the new camera and here are some pictures that I have taken with it.  I can't find my old card right now so I only have these pictures as I have taken them but it is ok cause Sarah has all my old pictures.  As I take more, I will send more but here are the first of them.  The work is a little slow right now as some people with baptismal dates have pushed them back or dropped them right now.  We have been finding some new solid investigators though right now and we feel like they have some promise.

            We taught a lady named Griselda who through a personal experience knows that we have the priesthood authority.  So we were excited to teach her as she recieved an undeniable witness we are representatives of Jesus Christ.  Then we share the first vision and she says "I am sorry but I don't believe you.  I can't believe it."  So we were confused and she explained John 1:18 where is says no man has ever seen God or could basically.  We explained that Moses saw God "face to face and spoke to him as a man speaketh to a friend" and how Stephen saw the Son of Man on the right hand of God.  She said she wanted to see the scriptures so we are going to explain more next time.  But the JST explains how John 1:18 says that no SINNER could ever or has ever seen God.  I really don't like the Apostasy because it is SO evident in the world around us and in the mere fact that the Bible says 10+ times that people have seen God and then says no man has ever seen God.  Then as obvious as it is people are so blinded by the mists of darkness and their hearts are hardened to the truth.  But it is amazing because the iron rod takes them out of the mist of darkness, reading the Book of Mormon takes them out of the confusion that is the Apostasy.  Like wise in our lives we can cast our doubts and confusion away as we search the scriptures.  It is so easy and so true that the iron rod, the word of God,  will bring us understanding and bring us out of the blindness.

           We are teaching another man named Lionel who is deciding what church is true between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and another christian church.  Last night after 2 months of teaching him we watched the Restoration movie and re explained the story of Joseph Smith and found out he is deciding which church is true but has not been praying at all to know!  COME ON!  It is like I want to know about science but I am not going to read any science books or talk to any science proffessors!  Well we made a course change and directed him to read and pray DAILY cause it is the only way to know the truth.  We said you can get an answer other ways but the truth only comes in one way and from one person, God.  So we are excited for him to find his answer.

          Tomorrow Elder Golden of the 70 comes to the nothern zones (we are one of them) for a zone conference and he is going to interview one on one 4 missionaries and President asked me to be one of them.  I am excited for the opportunity.  I will let you know how it goes.  We will find out about transfers this weekend too so I will let you know next week if I am staying her and with my companion.

          Well I love you all and pray for you every day and feel and appreciate your prayers.  Live your faith don't just say it and pray and read EVERY day.  No vacations for spiritual things.  Be a missionary and live the commandments.  Missionary work isn't hard, it is just sharing what makes you happy, really happy.  Because the only lasting happiness is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ so just tell them this makes me happy and I want you to be happy too.  Share it and bring our family home.  I love you all SO much! SO MUCH!  Thank you for your examples and letters and all that you do for me.
-Love Elder Neeley