Monday, February 18, 2013

Tell Matt I love Him

Dear family,

           We just got done solidifying a baptism for this Saturday about 10 minutes ago!  It was awesome and the young woman's family is very interested and would like to learn more about the church and go on some Sundays and go to her baptism.  The young girl's name is Kiana and she is very excited and so prepared.  She will be baptized Saturday at 7pm our time and 10pm your time, so look at the clock that night and think of me and more importantly think of Jesus Christ and your baptism and just the great blessing we have of being a part of this great and grand Gospel which is true.  This is happiness!  Whether people try to drag down our faith or not believe it, it brings happiness to all who will believe it and live it.  It is true and I know cause I feel it everyday of my life and that is something you can't just make up.  Darius just keep hanging in there and pray 1) for strength to tell your mom you want to be baptized and 2) for her heart to be softened.  I know that this is what God wants for you and that He WILL provide a way for you to follow His Son Jesus Christ because this is His church.  She may or may not let you but pray and follow what you feel and God will show you exactly what to do, not kinda what to do but he will show you and send people to help you know what to do.

             Family, don't get down for your "lack of success" cause I got news, you are so successful!  I mean that.  In Alma chapter 8, Alma didn't have one convert or baptism but he was successful and had "great cause to rejoice" (verse 15) cause he was obedient and invited.  He did all HE could not all that the people could.  How could the Lord blame you for other people's choices, He doesn't.  You are doing what you can and inviting and therefore you are all successful and I couldn't be prouder for my family than I am.  I can tell just from emailing that you are all changing and extending yourselves and you may not notice it but I can feel your changes.  You are amazing to me and I love you all so much!

            This week is transfer boards so everyday this week we will be meeting with President in his office and receiving revelation as far as to new leaders and where everyone is.  It is an exciting week and will be long being in the office but it is great to be with President Gelwix.  I will be getting a new companion this next week and am excited but I will miss so much Elder Riboldi, he is so awesome and a great missionary.  Pictures will be coming but since we were out teaching for a bit today I forgot the camera and I apologize so much but I promise double pictures next week.  I love this work and am almost moved to tears to think of all you and having the truth and being able to live with you all forever.  Be faithful and live what you know.  Be a missionary every single day.  I love you SO much.

-Love Elder Neeley

PS please tell Matt Hansen I love him and I can't email him or read his emails so I will write him but tell him to write me instead of email cause I want to keep in touch and am so greatful he is keeping in touch with me but I can't read it so please just let him know and give him my address and I will send his mail to his family.  Which by the way can you send  me the Hansen's address please.  Thank you and I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Playing Catch

February 11, 2013

Dear family,

           Things are going well here in California and it is getting warmer on and off.  Last week it was consistently in the 70's in the middle of the day and cooled down to about 40 at night.  It has been cooler this week but spring seems to be right around the corner here.  I do enjoy the warmth but I miss the snow.

           We have two people getting ready for baptism right now for the weekend of the 23rd of February.  The first is Dessere Luna, a 9 year old girl whose grandma and brother are members, and Kiana Lopez, who is a 17 year old friend of a member.  Dessere has a pretty cool story of how we found her.  Me and my companion were walking down the street tracting a little bit in this neighborhood and a young boy came out with a baseball glove and a baseball.  I saw him and had a quick memory of my previous area of how I started playing catch with a young boy and he and his sister ended up being baptized in that area and their mom is still investigating.  I thought of that and didn't think we would baptize this boy but had an impression from the Holy Ghost in a way that wasn't profound but just a thought of "it would be fun to play catch with this kid".  So with my previous experience being brought to my remembrance and this impression I gave my scriptures to my companion and we started playing catch.  Then the grandma of this young man came out and said to the boy that she wanted to talk to us.  We thought we were in big trouble.  The grandma upon meeting her told us that she had been searching for missionaries for months as she moved to this area last October and couldn't find the church.  She and her grandson, the boy we played catch with, were baptized 2 years ago in LA and her 9 year old grand daughter had not been baptized yet.  They all came to church yesterday and the 9 year old daughter, Dessere, is going to be baptized on the 23 of Feb!  It was a miracle that the Holy Ghost guided us there in that way.  The story has really nothing to do with me so I am truly sorry if it came off that way but it is really about how the Lord knew this lady among the billions of people on the Earth and He answered her prayers to find the church and get her grand daughter baptized.  The Holy Ghost led us as an answer to her prayers.  I know God is real.  That doesn't just happen.  We don't always just play with kids on the street but I know that God knows Anne Luna, the grandma, and He sent us to her.  It is all about Him.

             Kiana is the other and she is awesome and very excited for baptism.  Her parents are separated and non-practicing catholics and are supportive of her in her decisions.  She will also be baptized that weekend and has been coming to church and loving it and she feels and recognizes the Spirit so easily that it is amazing.  The work is going well and we have several other families we are working with.

             We have new missionaries who are waiting for their visas coming in tomorrow and there will be 8 and 1 reassignment from another mission permanently to ours.  Then on Weds. they will meet their trainers so we have a meeting for that and then the new missionaries who have been here for 3 weeks now have a meeting on Thursday to see how things are going for them and their trainers.  Then Friday we will start transfer boards as far as the leadership and next week all week is transfer board and then transfer week.  These next three weeks are going to be crazy.  I am excited for Elder Goettman to get here finally!

          My teeth are getting whiter from this whitening and in 2 weeks I will get my teeth prepped for the vaneers.  I will send pictures of my teeth in about 3 weeks when they are all complete and they should look great.  I love you all so much and love being a missionary.  There is nothing greater in my life so far, maybe only second to us being sealed as a family.  I love this work and it is true.  God is real and Jesus is really His Son and I know it is true from personal experiences and the Holy Ghost confirming it to me.  This is His church and the Book of Mormon is really true.  No doubts about it.  If you actually read it for yourself with no motives other than to learn, you will come to Christ even more and will feel it is true.  I feel it every time.  I love you and pray for you.  Be a missionary every day!!!!!!!!

-Love Elder Neeley

Finding the Novoa Family

February 5, 2013

Dear family,

          This past preparation day got crazy cause President needed our help for a missionary that had to go back to Venezuela to get his visa renewed so I was not able to email but President gave me permission to do it now so no worries that it is Tuesday and a little later.  We are in the mission office using the computers here currently.

           We found the Novoa family this past week and they are so awesome.  We were doing a little tracting, offering blessings on peoples' homes as we went and we ran into Raymond and his son Raymond Jr. coming back from a bike ride.  They just pulled into there driveway as we were approaching the house and we asked if we could come leave a blessing on their home and say a prayer and they agreed.  It was just him and little Raymond, who is 7 years old, at the house.  We said a prayer and left a blessing on the home and the Spirit was very strong there in the home.  We asked them how they felt and little Ray said "I feel really good" so we explained to him and his dad that they were feeling the Spirit or God's little messenger to tell them that the blessing came from God.  We asked them if they would like this feeling in their home always with their family and they said yes so we invited them to be baptized and they said yes as well!  It was awesome and we set up a return appointment to meet the rest of the family.  There are 4 kids and the parents and the mom of the parents who is there a lot.  For the second meeting the wife, Deanette, was very defensive and direct with some pointed words but it was great.  I love people like that.  

She was raised Baptist and they believe very strongly in ONLY the Bible and also she thought the idea of a Prophet was "dumb" at first.  We explained and answered each question very simply and her whole attitude and countenance changed.  She is very open to both those things and is reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.  Her and her family really like us now and love when we come by.  Raymond Jr. today was waiting for our appointment the whole time and couldn't wait for us to come and pray with him and his family.  His parents said he just loves it when we come over.  Children are so pure and connected with God and His love that it is amazing to me.  I love this family so much and hope that they continue to feel the Spirit like they are cause they are on track.  Please pray for them in every prayer as well as James Dunmore, John Logan, Eric Woods, Rita Sears and Griffin Thom.  You can split them up and all pick one and pray for them but I would appreciate it and know that the Lord will bless them just for your faith.  James Dunmore is having difficulties with health and would like to be baptized but needs his health to be some what sustainable for a few days for that to happen.  John Logan is progressing really well in the Gospel but has gone through a divorce and is just hard to get a hold of because he is busy and we are busy, he is also praying for an answer about the Book of Mormon and will be baptized when he knows it is true.  Eric Woods has a daughter that was baptized in May and he is starting to progress but he gets busy and forgets about saying his prayers and reading.  He is also trying to figure out if the Book of Mormon is true but he is so close!  He got in a fight with his daughter this past week and she went to live with her mom so that made it not possible to visit with him for a while cause she is his link to us, so them having a good relationship is important.  Rita Sears is coming to church with her member husband but her family are not big fans and she is reading the Book of Mormon as well but just needs some prayers to give her strength and courage to do what is right and follow the Spirit as it guides her to truth.  Griffin is the last one and he is 17 years old and his mom won't let him do any more church related activities cause he came to church once and felt the Spirit super strong and wants to get baptized so she said "no more til you're 18".  Prayers for her heart to be softened and his desire to keep going would be great.  I love you all so much and am so thankful for my wonderful family and the love you have for me and for being raised in the Gospel.  I love you!

             As for my front tooth, it will be a process of about 4 weeks.  The dentist wants to whiten my teeth for two weeks so they match the vaneers (like a fake tooth that is a cap to go over) that he is going to put on my front two teeth. So two weeks of whitening and then a week off of letting my teeth rest and then he will take the impressions and prepare my teeth for vaneers and put them on in a week after.  So then all my top and bottom teeth will be nice and white!  Also the insurance does cover at least half cause they have a contract with Metlife.

             I love you and can't believe how fast the 24th of June is coming!  I am going to be home before I even know it and it is crazy to me.  I just LOVE  being a missionary so much  that I will miss it a ton.  I am looking forward to seeing you though.  Be a missionary every day and know that I am praying for all of you.

-Love Elder Neeley

Surprise Baptism

January 28, 2013

Dear family,

            First of all, Dad, no worries about the letter just when you get to it, that will be fine.  I am so glad that you are all my family.  I just think of you and pray for you and am filled with such an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude for you all.  I love being a missionary and can't believe the time is winding down SO fast.  It is incredible to think less than 5 months til I get home!  I try not to think on it, although I will be happy to see you, but I honestly don't know where it has gone.  I can't say enough about how thankful I am for my mission and a family who has prepared me in more ways than you know to be a successful missionary.  I hope Alex and even some of the girls if they so choose will not just go on a mission but I hope you all prepare to serve.  Not just reading and studying but learning patience and love, which I will tell you our family can teach you a lot of those two haha.  Some good and some not so good haha. 

            Here in the field we had a surprise baptism, literally!  We have been teaching Brother Dan Bravo and he has been so solid but then this last week he wasn't sure and brought up a concern about tithing so we had to postpone the baptism that was to happen this last Saturday.  So Monday the 21st we had a lesson and we were really trying to help him overcome his concern but he still said he needed to pray and work some stuff out before his baptism on the 26th.  We had a tour of the temple with him Tuesday and he still wasn't sure and then Saturday we thought we were with out a baptism.  You could imagine how we felt as we had transfers and couldn't see him for 3 days straight and just had to hope that he was praying and getting answers and having the courage to act on what is right.  Then Saturday afternoon we get a call from Bro. Bravo and he says that he wants to meet up with us Saturday evening at 7 at the Stake Center.  We were traveling with President Gelwix at the time doing some mission business and so we changed our plans and got there and Brother Bravo was dressed in white!  It was so awesome and he said he knew since last Sunday he was going to do this but he wanted to surprise us.  It was awesome.  A ton of the ward was there and everything set up and we went to dinner with him, his family, some other misssionaries and President afterwards.

            We have zone conferences this coming week on Tues, Weds, and Thurs and so we will be very busy this week as well but it will be great.  This transfer is only 5 weeks long cause of the change in MTC time is now one week shorter.  Usually the transfers are 6 weeks but to accomodate the surplus of missionaries they changed the time from 9 weeks in the MTC for foreign speaking to 6 weeks.  Also for native speaking it went from 3 to 2 weeks.

             Ok this is really important: I need the info for our dental insurance (what ever that entails) so that I can get this tooth fixed.  I realized I need it so I had to move the appointment and so it is next Monday at 1:30pm so I just need that insurance info so that they can find out costs and stuff.  I would have done it this week but they are open Mon-Thurs. and we have the conferences this week through Thurs.  So it is set and it will be done now for sure, I just need that info and President said I can get on my email when ever today or this week to get that info from you.  So just email me back with that as soon as you can and I will get it to the dentist.

            I love you all so much and appreciate all that you do for me.  I realy am so thankful for your prayers and love for me.  You are the best family ever and I want to spend forever with you.  Be a missionary every single day!  LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

Picture of tooth to come

January 21, 2013

Dear family,
          I love you so very much and appreciate all you do for me, with your prayers, emails, letters and packages.  Things are going well and this week is transfer week so things will be crazy as we won't have even one day after monday til Sunday to work in our area.  We always have lots of time but this week is always nuts and we don't get lots of sleep.  We have a lesson with a man named Dan Bravo tonight and he is going to get baptized on Saturday.  He is amazing and he has been progressing ever since we met him.  We met him 2 weeks ago and he has been to church 3 times in a row and read the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants.  Then tuesday we are with the departing missionaries all day, Weds we take them to the airport and pick up the new missionaries and then we go and have a training session with their trainers while the new missionaries go with some zone leaders to go contact people.  Then Weds night we get back to President's house and have dinner and orientation.  Thursday we assign trainers and trainees and drive up and down the mission to drop everyone off and get home late.  Friday and Sat. we have a leadership training for district, zone and leadership trainers and the trainers.  A lady named Liz Wiseman is coming to do a training called "Multipliers" and she gets paid the big bucks to do this training all of the world but President Gelwix is a friend of hers so she is coming for the 3rd time and doing it for free.

         I will send a picture of my tooth next week. I don't have my camera on me and haven't gone to the dentist but it will be done this next monday unfortunately but it will be done and I will take a picture and send it.  I love you and pray for you all every night.  Please be a missionary every day.  LOVE YOU!!!!!!
ps happy birthday Olivia, I love you a ton!!
-Love Elder Neeley

Trip to Yosemite

January 15, 2013

Dear family,

           Sorry the email is late.  We went to Yosemite as you can see from the pictures from some missionaries from the south of the mission and with our mission President and it was so much fun!  We had the missionaries come stay the night with us the night before so that we could get up in the morning and go north to get to Yosemite with plenty of time to see the park.  We saw a coyote and some deer and the deer in the picture I sent you was less than 10 yards away as it came up close to us and tried to cross that bridge you see but got scared of the people on it.  JoAnna would have loved to see that and be there for that haha.  It was a great time and we all got to bond together.  We then taught a less active man this evening and invited him back to church with his wife who is not a member.  Their last name is Richardson and they are very nice but just have to jump the hurdle of getting back to church for the first time.  They say that they are closer and closer each time we come over and that they love having us by so we are praying and hoping they will be there soon.

            Things are going well and this next week will be busy as we have transfer boards this week (that is when we decide which missionaries go where and do what for the upcoming transfers) and then the next week is transfers and that is crazy for us with the outgoing and incoming missionaries.  It will be exciting and probably I won't get as much sleep.  I love being a missionary and sharing the Gospel.  It is hard but it is so much fun at the same time.  I truly appreciate all you do and have done and sacrificed for me to be here and serve Jesus Christ in this way.  I love Him and love all of you and this work.  Our area is doing well as we had 3 investigators at church this week and we have about 7 or 8 people that should be getting baptized here in these next few months so we are very excited and moving right along.  I love you all so very much and keep you in my prayers.  Be a missionary every day.

-Love Elder Neeley

ps Grandma I will send that letter to you first thing and I will set up an apt. with the dentist for this week.  LOVE YOU!

Getting the Hang of AP

January 7, 2013

Dear family,

           Things are going well in Fresno and I think I am starting to get the hang of being an assistant.  It is a lot of fun to be with the missionaries and I have already see how the Lord has used me to be the means of answering other missionaries' prayers.  I love being with them and having a good time but also being there for them in the struggles they go through everyday.  We are starting to ramp up as far as getting more missionaries in the mission.  We will have 50+ in just the next 2 transfers and we will have to open 12 new areas and this is just the beginning.

           Christmas was really good and there were no problems as far as I know of missionaries abusing rules or hanging out or talking for hours with their family.  We have a very obedient mission in general with very few exceptions of missionaries you could probably count on one hand.  President Gelwix truly inspires us to do more and to be obedient as he does the same.  I love him a ton and he is so awesome and you will meet him some day when you are out in Utah to visit.

            The other day we taught a man who is still technically a member of the church like he is on the records but he is evangelical.  Then when we asked why he keeps his name on the records, he told us that it is so that we keep coming by and he has the opportunity to teach us and "save" us.  He grew up LDS in a severely dis-functional family which I believe by the impressions of the Spirit, caused him to go looking why things were that way and found junk and trash on the church and really gets so caught up on things that are distortions and lies by men who like him have been hurt by people in the church and therefore attacks the church itself.  It was very sad to see and I don't mean in like a I'm right and what a pity on this ignorant fool kind of way but it was sad to see that he blinded himself the Spirit and shuns all reason from the scriptures.  He believes in the Bible but looks to the internet for info.  We told him we could answer any question from the scriptures that he wanted but that we would not go to the internet where you can find anything.  The internet just about holds NO weight as far as being factual and reliable.  He never even read the Bible and he does the same thing that he accuses all Mormons of doing which is: not look at the "facts", "questions" or "imperfections" of the scriptures and just put the doubts on the shelf and never really investigate it, then teach our children and brainwash them to reject and search for truth.  He did each of those things with his new evangelical faith and it was as sick of a display of Satan destroying someone and confusing them in to believing literal nonsense.  He didn't even know what he believes based on the scriptures cause if he actually read them as we pointed out he would see it didn't make sense.  They, as in anti-mormon people, attack the Book of Mormon so hard (and fail every time) but don't even worry about the many, many fallacies of the Bible.  They completely look past it cause that is what Satan does.  He makes wrong seem right and right seem wrong, it was all true and evident and disturbing.  I know the Bible is the words of God from Him and is true as far as it is translated correctly (or rather as far as man didn't ruin it and destroy the truth in it which they have MANY times) and I know that the Book of Mormon is too.  If you ever doubt that or have a question, it doesn't have to be swept under the rug but it can be investigated and asked and resolved but you must look properly and in the places of fact not opinion.  Who would you ask to know if the Book of Mormon is true: someone who as read sincerely (not from pressure of family or anything like that) looking for truth from God and only God, or would you listen to someone who as been hurt or mislead and is emotionally charged?  Would you ask John the apostle if Jesus is the Christ as he hung on the cross or Judas Iscariot or a Pharisee who were bought by silver and gold?  If you have questions feel free to ask me.  I don't know everything or even a lot but I will and can find out all things that God has revealed to man through His prophets.  I bring this up cause it is dangerous and if it hasn't come up in your life it will, and you must be prepared, not just to shut off your brain and be ignorant to concerns of others but to soundly understand what you know to be true and why and never be swayed from it by lies.

              Anyway it was a testimony strengthener for me as I know that we have the answers cause this is Christ's church with Him at the head.  I haven't gotten my tooth fixed but I will look into it and get it fixed soon.  Thank you for keeping up with me on it.  I love you all so very much and pray that you will all be missionaries everyday cause this is the ONLY way to real happiness here and a fullness of joy in the life to come.  You are such good examples to me and I am thankful to our Heavenly Father every day for you.

-Love Elder Neeley

PS I can't wait for the Neeley basketball show down and please let Matt Hansen know that I love him a ton and miss him so much but I can't read or send him emails but we can write each other or you can forward me his mail.  Love you!!!

Also our mission goal for this year is a minimum of 1000 baptisms for the year which has never been done in this mission.  Please pray for us to reach this goal in every prayer, that we may bring children to Christ.

Drunk Guys Like the Book of Mormon, too...

January 3, 2013

Dear family,

            Things are going well and we have two baptisms this weekend on saturday of two kids named Rodolfo and Claudia who are 10 and 12 years old.  They are very excited and me and my companion are going to baptize them.  We have several other people right now too who are preparing for baptism and we are very excited for this month.
            We went to Yosemite again today and I sent you some pictures from that too and I hope you like them.  We have transfers not this Wednesday but the next one so I am excited to see what happens.  It is always a little exciting to see what happens almost like fantasy football drafts but more Spiritually important haha.  I do in fact get a long with President really well and he told me that if you all ever disown me he would adopt me in a heartbeat.  He is a wonderful man and has taught me so much about the Gospel and how I can change and grow and be a better disciple of Christ and son of God.  I love him a lot.

             This past week we found a guy who may have been a little drunk but we went to contact one of our investigators and he was outside her house.  The investigator's husband said that she wasn't home so we said we would stop by later.  The drunkish guy thought we were talking to him so he said "today?" and then said "just come over now" and led us to his house.  He had read the Book of Mormon before and had a desire to help his family and change so we are starting to teach him and he said he would like to get baptized but needs more time.  It was a cool experience.

             I am so glad to hear the family is all doing well and that everyone is busy doing different things and helping out family a lot.  Grandma is really greatful for Amber and Olivia and for all the grandchildren who help out.  Uncle Keith too was happy to have Alex and Darius' help this past week as well.  I am glad to hear too that Alex is doing better in basketball.  That is great.  Alex should invite Darius to church this Sunday and bring him with all you.  That would be a great opporunity for the Spirit to touch his life and he and his family need it.  We all need it.
            I love you all and pray that you are safe and continually to be missionaries every single day cause there is nothing better than others and ourselves coming to Christ.

-Love Elder Neeley

2013 Here We Come

December 31st, 2012

Dear family,

           We had a baptism this past Saturday of 2 young women, Haley Gordon and Alex Dunmore, whose mom is a member and their siblings are recent convert.  The Dunmore family only has the dad left and the oldest daughter to be baptized and then they will be able to go to the temple to be sealed.  The oldest daughter wants to get baptized but she needs to get married and they have plans to do that very soon so she will be baptized with her husband shortly.  They have the cutest little boy haha.  The dad is coming along but he is on dialysis for his kidneys so it is super hard for him to even be taught cause he is in bed groaning from pain.  We gave him a blessing and it has been a little better but he has been in and out of the hospital this past week.  He will be baptized soon but we just have to be patient with him.  He has come to church and wants to but the dialysis holds him back.

             This week we have a leadership meeting to set our year goal for 2013 for the mission and the meeting will consist of us and President, the coordinating sisters, the zone leaders and the district leaders.   It will be a really good meeting and I am excited to see what our new goal will be.  Then the next day we will have a trainer/trainee meeting to do a half-way-through-the-transfer check up on them and see how things are going and if they have concerns and do some training.  I will be doing training on the importance of getting our investigators to say a kneeling prayer at the end of each lesson.  It will be great.  Then we will have a leadership planning session on Thursday probably in which President and my companion and I will plan out for the next 2 or 3 transfers who will tentatively be a leader.

              So things are going well and I miss you all and love you.  I am so glad that we got to hear all your voices and grandma no se preocupe for not being there for the call.  That means don't worry about missing the call and I love you and will talk to you soon enough.  I hope you all are doing well and I am glad that you are going to profiles.  Keep being missionaries and keep working hard to keep your standards and covenants cause there is nothing more important.  I love you!!!!!!!!!!

-Love Elder Neeley

It's Christmas - but you only get 40 minutes :)

December 24th, 2012

Dear family,

          First of all we are planning on you calling me on my phone at 12 noon MY time and 3pm YOUR time.  I hope that is ok but if not we will figure something out.  The number that you will call me on is 559-270-2898.  The call can be NO LONGER THAN 40 min, sorry no hour and 40.  As well please just get rid of the number after we are done talking cause I know you know but we can't talk or text obviously until mother's day.

           I have got your packages and I love them.  I have gotten the card from Sarah and Robbie and can't wait to be able to redeem them after the mission haha.  I also got the family Christmas card and was just shocked to see how mature everyone looked!  2 years certainly changes a lot.  We have such a super star family because the Lord has blessed us with talents and success due to faithful living of the Gospel.  That is one of the greatest things is that we will "prosper in the land" or rather physically as well as spiritually as we are obedient even in the little things of the Gospel.  I know it is true.

           We have a baptism of 2 girls this Saturday and I am so excited for it!  It is a family of 13 just like ours!!  And they are half black and half white and they have adopted several kids and I feel right at home.  They are so unified and loving as a family and clearly they look at each other all the same just as we do.  I love that family and I fit right in with all their craziness haha.  I do miss you all so much and grow more greatful for an eternal family every day.  I love you each so very much I can't put it into words but I feel my heart is full as I look at your card.  Let's all be more faithful to the covenants we made in the DC temple so many years ago when we were all sealed.  That is still my favorite memory of my life and I want to be with you all forever.  Keep being a missionary every single day! LOVE YOU!!!!!!

-Love Elder Neeley