Friday, May 10, 2013

"Call Me Maybe" (on 2pm on Mother's Day)

May 6th, 2013

Dear family,

           My phone number to call me on is 559-270-2898.  I know you know but don't text it and only call it on the time we designate which if it is ok with you we can do the call at 2pm my time which should be 5pm your time.  We get out of church at 12 and have mcm after so 2 would be really safe. 

           Out here in our ward and stake they have been doing a huge push on genealogy and with that, indexing.  That makes me really happy to hear that you are feeling that need to work on our genealogy because I know that I will definitely be doing that when I get home.  I too feel like that is something I needed to be doing  before my mission and will being doing it after.  You are such wonderful example me as a father.  Also since you were talking about the temple that reminded me that I would really really really really really like to go to the Columbus OH temple this summer with our whole family to do baptisms and confirmations. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!  If you could set aside just one day right now that we can all go that would make my day.  We will love it so much and it will bring us so much closer together.

          Right now we are still getting Justin and Allison ready for baptism on the 13th and they are doing so well with not smoking and not drinking tea!  We are really excited for them and really just need to get them fellowship so they love the classes at church.  Also the other 9 year old, Lexi Sjodin, is doing well and their family is really getting their life in order and the dad has stopped drinking for almost a month now and has stopped coffee for about 3 weeks.  We are finding several other people too and getting them ready for June to be baptized.  One of them is named Asher and he is the boyfriend of a member and is only checking it out for her but he is really inquisitive and I think that he will come around with time.  He is currently atheist but comes to church and learns from us right now because of his girlfriend but we explained that if he ever wants to know that it needs to come from him and his sincere desire.

           Congratulations to all on your amazing achievements!  You are all really the best family anyone could ask for and I love to know that we will be together literally forever through our obedience and the grace of God and His Son's Atonement.  I love you all a ton!  Go be a missionary every day please!

-Love Elder Neeley

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