Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 9th, 2011: Hooray for Agua Fresca!

Dear Dad, Mom and family

   Things are going great.  There are very difficult times and this is the hardest I have worked and the most tired I have been every day consecutively and I'm sure it won't let up for the next two years.  I love this work though and love my area and the ward I serve in.   I am right in the actual city of Fresno and the ward I am in all speaks spanish and they know how to really feed the missionaries.  We get real mexican food for just about every single meal and I love it to death.  They make this water called agua fresca and they blend up a little fruit with water and sugar and put it with ice and it is so good!  Every single person makes it and I love it so much.  My compainion and this ward and my studies are really helping my spanish and I am understanding more and more every day as well and becoming better at speaking.  Also my spiritual studies are really awesome.  I love the Book of Mormon more than I ever have and sharing this message is the best thing ever as I keep increaing my love for these people and my testimony that this is the true church with the authority of God and that we will live together as a family forever after this.  I love it and don't have a lot of time to email today but tell everyone I love them and I will send pictures and stuff and I love you all a ton.  Give everyone a hug and kiss for me.  LOVE YOU ALL!!

-Love your son/brother/cousin/nephew/grandson/uncle/friend Elder Neeley

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