Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baptism coming up

Dear family,
        Things are awesome here in Fresno.  I am absolutely loving my mission even when it is pretty tough and doesn't seem like the outlook is not always clear skies.  There is just such a joy in constantly striving to have success in helping our brothers and sisters to recieve the own personal salvation.  We have a family of four that I think I told you about who are going to get baptized on the 20th of November.  They came to church and arer super solid.  The 10 year old son asks us every time we see him "if we made his reservation for his baptism" haha.  We always assure him that we will definitely have everything set up for him and his family and their baptism.  The work is really in full blossom right now in our area and we can see the Lord's hand in the work so much it is incredible.

          I forgot to add last week in my email that I got to go street contacting (like just talking to random people on the street about the Restoration of the Gospel) with Elder Koelliker of the 70.  It was so awesome!!! It was just a blessing in itself to have some one on one time with a general authority.  Only two missionaries got to go and President picked a relatively new missionary (me) and a more experienced missionary.  I learned a lot about really being personal in everything I do as a missionary.  That you always need to go to other people's spiritual background before you bring them to yours.  It was fantastic and then I drove him and President to Zone Conference and it was a great ride filled with good spiritual conversation.  I can't tell you that I understand Revelations or Isaiah but I have definitely become a better missionary from it.

           Also I remember Mom telling me that Mrs Keegan passed away recently.  I was thinking about it and I really felt like the Spirit touched my heart and told me they need the Gospel in their lives at this time.  I know that this message is true and is designed to bring happiness into these exact situations that seem dark.  I hope and pray very often that the Spirit will attend you all in missionary work but specifically in this.  Please do this for me.  Pray to our Heavenly Father and ask Him what you should do in order to present the Gospel to their family.  Maybe going with the missionaries to see them is the answer, or inviting them over for dinner or family home evening, or being taught by the missionaries in your home.   I don't know but I do know 100% sure that our Father in Heaven loves them just as much as us and knows exactly what they need.  PLEASE pray to know what to do and then please reach out to this family.

      I am glad all is well at home and I am sorry to hear the football team lost, it seemed they would do well this year in the playoffs.  I got to go so this will be my only email this week but thank you everyone that sent me personal emails (Grandma and Uncle Keith and Dad).  I love you all so very much and really appreciate your love and support and prays for me and this work.  I am glad you are all so focused on helping out the missionaries and being missionaries your self.  You are all honestly such excellent examples to me and such an inspiration to me in my work.  I love you all so much.  I keep you in my prayers always.  I will send home lots of pictures home soon and ask Sarah for them too cause she should have them.  I love you all so much!!!!!!!  Also that is so awesome that you are all studying scriptures together.  That is SO important to building that love for them in the home and bringing in the Spirit.  Don't lose that habit no matter how hard satan works against you all.
-Love your son/brother/grandson/nephew/cousin/uncle/friend Elder Neeley

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