Thursday, July 7, 2011

3 Weeks in the MTC!

Dear Family,
  Only three weeks in the MTC and I feel like my spanish is doing pretty well and I can't wait to get to the field, but like you said Dad I am trying to finish strong and do as much and more than I have already so I can be as prepared as possible for Fresno.  I am glad to hear all is well at home and I am glad everyone has got to spend some time together at home.  I bet that has been really enjoyable.  I am said that I will miss all the beach fun and the family reunion but I am more than happy to serve and I know this is where I need to be without a shadow of a doubt.  I did tell my friends though that you bought a jet ski right after I left and they laughed and said that my family could finally start having fun now that I am gone hahaha.  But I'm just kidding that is really cool and it sounds like you will all have a blast at the beach.  Dad, I am glad to hear the golf is going better but even when you were "off" you still kick my butt so to me it was always good but I am glad to hear you are doing well and get some time to yourself but I am sure it will be a little loney and quiet without the rest of the family.  That is also so cool that you and Art got to go to the Yankees game for the 4th cause I bet that was a ton of fun.

       The MTC is really going well though.  I love serving the Elders and Sisters around me and I feel like I am able to learn so much through being a leader.  I am able to help others but I am pretty convinced that it is me who is learning and being helped the most.  I love this work out here and know it is truly the Lord's.  We get to hear a fireside every Sunday night and a devotional every Tuesday and we got to here this lady named Jenny Oaks Baker play the violin for us and give us a talk and she is Elder Oaks grand daughter and she went to Juliard and it was way good.  The best part though was she had three little girls all less than 10 play the piano, cello, and violin for us and they played I am a Child of God and is was so good and we gave them a standing ovation after and it was very cool.  We also got a special devotional on Saturday to celebrate Indepenence Day (and yes I know it was July 2nd on that day) but they had this huge awesome devotional and then we got to watch the fireworks at stadium of fire and eat ice cream and stay out late.  So ya that sounds lame but it was pretty vigilantous for a bunch of missionaries.  But it has been awesome here.  I keep seeing people I know from BYU and it is awesome to see so many friends rolling forth the gospel with you.

   By the way I sent Ryan a letter to you all so you could send it to him and I hope that you did for me.  Also I know his birthday was the 2nd so please tell him that I say happy birthday and I love him a ton and miss him.  Don't forget! please call him right now as you read this......... Did you call him?  Ok awesome you are the best!

     But I love you all so much and am so happy to be a missionary!  I love it and feel the spirit so strong all the time and I love it.  This is truly the Lord's Church and if it was not I would not be here.  I know that it is true with all my heart and I love it and I know the Lord is blessing me with the ability to love others and I can see it everyday more and more as I just get to know people and talk to them.  But I love you all and hope all is well and I know the Lord is blessing you and me everyday.  I am so greatful for all the individual letters and will respond today because it is P-Day!!!! Ruth I just got yours yesterday and I loved it and will be sending you a letter today.  Sarah also please send me back my SD card for my camera when you can.  Also in other news the temple is closed for the rest of this month so we just have an extra 3 hours of personal time so I will probably just write more or read some more scriptures but I love you all so much and can't wait to hear from you again.  Thanks again grandma for the package and I understand that it is tough to send stuff and that certain things are harder now but I am glad my sisters are willing to help.  I love you and am greatful just to hear from you in my emails.

  I love you all and pray for each of you every night and I miss you.  I know this Church is true and many lives will be blessed and saved for the eternities because of it.  Be good:)
     -Love your son/brother/nephew/grandson/cousin/uncle/friend Elder Neeley
Les amo ustedes con todo mi corazon

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