Saturday, July 23, 2011

Almost Done with the MTC!

Dear Family!!!
     The time in the MTC has flown by and I am excited to say that I have 6 days left until Fresno!!!!! I have learned so much in the MTC and made so many new friends.  There a lot of people that went to BYU that are going back after ward and I think we will be really good friends and one of them is named Elder Scott Holmes.  He is hilarious and he is the same way as I am, in the sense he is very competetive and very funny.  This has truly been the best time of my life just being able to serve the Lord and get ready for the real thing out in California.  I love spanish and I am excited everytime I am able to really get my point across and speak with ease with others that speak spanish well.  Elder Koford leaves on the same day as me and I will miss him a ton.  Me and him have made quite the tag team and I have been spoiled with the fact that I have my best friend for my companion.  I think that it will may be a little shock having someone new in the field for the first time but I don't worry about making friends or getting along with them because it has never been too much of a challenge.  But I literally cannot wait to just get out in the field because I know it will the best and I just want to show all these people this great truth and happiness that we all have in our lives through the gospel.  I love this work so much!!!  We have had some really good firesides too and I am so pumped for the work.

       I am also glad to hear that you have been getting to the temple Dad.  I just have realized how truly important it is and just wouldn't want any of our family to miss that opportunity.  I am so very proud of my parents though.  You both show me what kind of a person and what kind of missionary I want to be.  I love you both so much and very greatful for you.  I love my whole family so much and keep each of you in my prayers.  You all are the motivation that keeps me going and makes me want to share this message with others because I know I can live for ever with all of you after this life as a family through the temple and I want all the people in Fresno to have the same joy I do from this gift.  I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!  I am sad I will miss the family reunion but I am even more happy though that you all are able to get together and share this time because I know that it will be so much fun and such a blessing to see everyone.  Tell everyone I say hi but give Ryan a big hug for me and did he ever get my letter and my happy birthday.  I miss you all so much but would not trade this opportunity and this gift for the world.  I know this is THE mos important thing I could do right now in my life and this will shape the rest of my life.

     Grandma I am sorry that you didn't get my letter last week but  I will personally forward this one to you just in case but I love you so much and am greatful for all your letters and emails.  You are the best, gram-cracka! I love you and hope you enjoy the time down at the beach with the family and I am sure you will.  Jaeson I am also greatful for you letter too.  It is funny because my dad just sent me the same thing about being a marathon not a sprint and I will apply and remeber that advice because I am excited for the field but I know I cannot burn out.  The people at the end of my mission need me just as much as the people at the end of my mission.  I love you all so much and I know this church is true.  I know the Christ knows me just like all of you but even better. He died for the world but he died for all of us individually.  This is the greatest work in the world and I am greatful to be in it.  Stay close and I love you all so much and hope all is going well.  Sarah thanks again for the blog and the pics from the party and Jacob because they were SO adorable!! I love you all so much.  Also thanks to all who wrote me individual letters because I loved them and have sent individual letters back to all of you.  I hope the little kids got their temple pictures and hung them up in their rooms where they will see it every single day because it is so important to keep you goals set with the temple in mind.  Love you all!!!!!!!!!!
Love your son/brother/cousin/nephew/grandson/uncle/friend,
Elder Neeley

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