Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stevie's MTC Adventures Continue...

Dear family,
The MTC is just rolling on by and I am loving it.  I learn so much everyday and learn so much about my self especially and how I can be a better leader, missionary and just a better person trying to follow Christ and it is wonderful.  I am very greatful for the care package from grandma and the rest of my floor was very greatful for it too and they all send their regards to "the best baker" they know haha, so thank you a ton grandma and thanks Dad for dropping them off and I am sorry they did not let you just drop off the package at the MTC.  I found out you can't do that right after I emailed you last week.  I am glad that President Gelix got to talk to you.  I'm sure that was a wonderful experience because he is a wonderful man.  I got several opportunities to speak and visit with him one on one and in groups and he is just a sensational man and I know he and his wife will be fantastic for my mission.  I am also very greatful for your words about staying focused and not losing our forward momentum in our mortal responsibility because that has been a new theme that Elder Koford and I are presenting to the district leaders for each district.  We have found that even when being obedient one can still lose their passion in the work and so we are trying to relight the fires in our zone by reminding the missionaries of their purpose and allowing them to gain love for the people they serve and through that love giving everything we have.  I have truly realized that what you said is exactly right Dad, I can't stop going forward because it is only up or back and no neutral position.  Through the unconditional love of Christ, that is charity, it is impossible not want to work your hardest to bring sons and daughters of God unto salvation.  That is why we are trying to find that love in each missionary and why I am striving to have it in my life and I strongly encourage all to pray for this gift every night.  

Dad I am so greatful for you and mom because you have both given me so much but have always been the BEST examples of charity to me.  You would give anything to anyone and I have seen it and learned from it and now am trying to apply it in a greater work than I have ever done, so thank you so much for that.  I hope that Alex's wedding was good and that you got to visit a lot with everyone while out here.  I love you all so very much and am so greatful for every individual member of my family and pray for each of you by name every night because of my love for you.  This life is hard but family is what makes it fun and I have the best family ever.  Two years pales in comparison to the eternity we will spend together through our righteousness.  I am so greatful for every example that each of my family members are to me and I love you all.  I am doing well and my testimony grows everyday.  

I know this church is true and I know that through my own experiences and being able to be surrounded with a district and zone of missionaries that care so much about this gospel and strive to be their very best.  I have become very good friends with one missionary in my district name Elder Heaps and he is a hoot! I love him and know that we will be good friends for a long time.  He also wants me to say hi to the family for him so, Hi!  Once again I love you and know the Lord is blessing me and you all.  I am so greatful for you mom and dad and I miss you all but am doing just fine out here.  Thanks for all the letters, goodie boxes and sacrifices that you have all made for me.  I love you and this is the true Church of Christ on the earth.
-With much love from your son/brother/grandson/nephew/cousin/uncle/friend Elder Neeley
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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