Monday, November 5, 2012

Killer Dogs? No problem...

Dear family,
               That is crazy that Quintin is coming here!!!!!  I can't believe it, that is so awesome.  He is going to love it here and if I get to train him it would be my last two transfers with him.  That would be pretty cool.  Wow!  I am really excited about that and just about all the missionaries coming out in general.  It is amazing to see such desire in all these future missionaries.  We will have an increase to about 275 total missionaries and 250 will be young missionaries.  We have 190 young missinaries right now so it will be quite the leap here.

               We had two families come to church this week and they are preparing for baptism this month.  We have a baptism this sunday of two young girls, Indra and Deyra, and their mom will get baptized the week after and then their neighbors, which is a family of 3 will be baptized the week following.  It is amazing to see these miracles every day and we are starting to prepare for December right now so we can keep baptizing like crazy.  There are so many people prepared but we need to find them now.  The family of three that is going to get baptized on the 24th found us as we left from her neighbor's house after an appointment and we started playing football outside in the street with their youngest son.  Then she said that she wanted us to give her children "classes" so we started to teach them all and they all set a date for baptism for the 24th.  Then later we were walking and these two big dogs started to chase us but they got close and just stopped and sat there and we walked away.  The Lord definitely watches out for His missionaries.  That is the 3rd time that someone has had a killer dog that didn't bite us and the owners always get amazed about why they don't bite us.  It isn't quite being thown into a furnace but we are protected all the same.

                 I love being a missionary and I love sharing the Gospel with others.  I hope that you are all missionaries everyday.  Read your scriptures and pray daily.  Don't watch trashy TV, R rated movies or even bad movies that aren't R.  "If it would poison a Lamanite it would poison a Nephite"  so if it is bad for a 5 year old to watch it is bad for anyone.  Don't waste your time with filth and garbage.  You are never too old for poison to be poison.  I love you all and pray for you all every day.  Sorry I didn't send pictures.  My camera is at home so I can charge it instead of the car so I forgot to grab it.  Next week for sure!  LOVE YOU!!!
-Love Elder Neeley

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