Monday, October 29, 2012

Playing Re-Po Men

Dear family,
          I am glad that you have all been doing well and enjoying the pictures.  I will send more next week for sure.  We have 2 baptisms scheduled for the 10th of November of two young ladies of 13 and 9 years of age.  We found them through that recent convert I told you about last week.  This past week we taught 26 lessons and 14 were to investigators.  It was a pretty good week.  We have transfers this Wednesday and I will be here with Elder Gygi for another 6 weeks so I am excited for that.  The next transfer will be mid December before I call home so I may be some where else before the call but that is still a little ways off and you will know before the call anyway.

          We had a really crazy day as we moved a lady named Dian from a super ghetto part of town and we found out after we got there that she was moving out cause her old roommate (Jannette) would get drunk and beat her.  So they were fighting and screaming at each other and swearing lots and the roommate hit Dian in the head with a door so she came out screaming and was like "she hit me, y'all saw it.  Call the cops!"  So we were a little worried as she told us to go in the house and get her bed that her roommate did not want to give away.  We played re-po for the day and then we went to do apartment checks and a large Tongan Elder tackled my companion and abused him.  They were just palying but it was really funny.

         I love being a missionary and I miss you all and pray for you.  I don't want my mission to end cause this is the greatest thing I have done so far in my life and I love being here.  I hope you all continue  to read and pray daily and share you testimonies with others every single day.  I love you all!!!!

-Love Elder Neeley

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