Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Like a laser drew a line in his head"

Dear family,
          We just had a baptism on Sunday of Indra Canchola who is 13 years old.  Her sister Deyra was supposed to get baptized as well but she has some nerves to get over first.  She is 9 years old and loves church and has friends there but she is just nervous about the baptism so we are working with her.  The mom also came and she started crying during the service and really felt the Spirit so we are hoping to set a date for baptism with the mom and daughter tonight when we see them.  We have another family of 3 who I mentioned last week who are preparing for baptism for the 24th of this month and the 10 year old son named Rodalfo followed us over to his neighbors house to teach them with us and he taught them how to pray.  It was really funny and he just thought it was normal that he was teaching people with us and told us how he wants to be a missionary some day too.

           Tell Quinton that he needs to get gel and he might as well starting parting his hair now since it is a rule in our mission.  Lots of missionaries fight it at first and have these half done parts and stuff and then you see as the missionary grows more in obedience and humility and they just have nice clean parts.  It is pretty funny but just tell him that when he gets to the MTC he should start parting it with gel so it is like a laser drew a line in his head.  I am really excited he is coming and know he is going to love the mission!

           I love you all so much and hope you like the pictures.  The one of the sign is a recent convert who is 27 and is really goofy and is running for mayor of his city and painted one campaign sign and put it in the main enterance for the city and it says "vote 4 troy" hahah.  Well I love you and pray for you and hope that you are being a missionary every day because you have people that are READY to hear the Gospel and are just waiting and on you, so stop making them waiting and invite them everyday.  


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