Thursday, June 23, 2011

Steven's Letter - meeting Mission Pres in MTC

Dear Family,
I just want to start by saying Happy Father's day to you dad!  I am very greatful for a father that cares so much about me and has raised me to be the young man I am now.  You are a wonderful example to me in all I do and am greatful to have the best dad in the world.  I am glad you got to spend time with all our family on Father's day and enjoy their company.  I am working hard to make you proud and am trying to do my best to serve the Lord with all my capacity.  Elder Koford and I were recently called to be zone leaders this past sunday so this week we have been getting trained in order to fulfill our calling.  The first thing we have realized is that this is a lot of service and helping others.  I love it and value the oppurtunity to grow and serve Heavenly Father in a greater capacity.  It is hard work but me and Elder Koford are very greatful for the opportunity.
I got to meet my new mission president as well, Larry Gelwix.  I met him at first for about a minute just to indtroduce myself after lunch and then that same day later on I went to the book store with Elder Koford and we ran into him again there and that time he kept me and we talked for about a half hour which was really nice to get to know him a little better.  He is a wonderful man and just from being with him he is inspiring.  He is quite shorter than I thought he would be but he is very kind and has a presence about him.  His wife is also a very sweet lady and I am excited to serve with both of them.  He asked me some questions though and I meet with him again tomorrow along with the rest of the Fresno missionaries and he told me to give my answers then.  He asked me three questions which were: "Why am I on a mission?" "How do I know that I know the Church is true?" and "How can he (President Gelwix) bless my life now?"  Which are pretty large questions so I am excited to talk to him again because I have been thinking about it a lot.

Also while I remember tell Alex Fishler I say congratulations and that I am very excited for him.  Tell him also that I am slightly dissapointed though that he did not get on this sooner so I could attend the wedding, but that is just a joke.  Also I do not think that I will be able to see you and I don't know how it would work if you were dropping off a package for me.  I think that security would take it and get it delivered to the mail spot but I don't think that they will let you in but I am not positive.  Either way if you come tomorrow then if you can make it there at 12:15 I have lunch then and I can stop by and atleast wave to you and we could see eachother while you are at the gate.  Otherwise I have dinner at 5:15 but it is not super important because we will only see eachother and won't be able to actually talk or anything.  But I still love you and am very greatful for the package and your love for me.  If we don't see eachother either way I still love you a ton plus another ton.

Tell Ryan I love him and miss him a ton and that I hope all is well.  I pray for him every single night a long with the rest of our family.  I love you and care so much about you and think and pray for you all the time.  I know that two years is nothing to the eternity we will spend together through our righteousness.  I am very proud of my whole family and it is only because of you and this Church that I am the person I am today, so thank you.  I know that the Lord blesses us each day and I am thankful for it.  I hope all is well at home and I can tell you that all is well in the MTC.  I feel progression each day and can't wait to get into the field even though my Spanish is still shakey.  Also I have not read the Book of Mormon all the way through yet and I am not reading Jesus the Christ right now and it is because they said not to until the field but to just focus on the Book of Mormon and the other scriptures.  Elder Koford and I however have set a goal to read 1st Nephi in Spanish before we leave and we are almost done and only 4 weeks in and we are surprised how easy it is getting to read spanish as we do it more and more.  Also I forgot but if I write a letter for Ryan and send it home can you send it to him for me?  The Lord's hand is truly in my life and helping me daily and I am greatful for it.  Always remember I love you and that the Church is true and that through faith in the Lord all is possible.  Continue to pray and make sure it is always with feeling.  I love you so much!
      -Love your Son/brother/cousin/uncle/nephew/grandson, Elder Neeley

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