Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2nd Wave of Pictures from Stevie

At some point maybe Steven can give us his own captions to his mission pictures, but for now we can just enjoy what we have... which includes my own commentary. :)

A lot of these pictures are from when Steven was still at the MTC (Missionary Training Center).

These are the "dorms" at the MTC

Strong as ever, Stevie literally carries his mission friends when they are weak!

You may wonder why some missionaries in the pictures are in PJ's and some are in suits... well, either it was almost bedtime or Stevie was having his "P-day" or preparation day. It's one day set aside out of the week to do practical things besides missionary proselytizing: like write home, do laundry, get a hair cut (you can see there aren't any mullets among these missionaries) or whatever else you need to do.

If being a missionary doesn't work out, Steven is planning on applying for a sharp-shooting position with the BYU Police. 

Aw, yes, the Missionary Snuggie. Nice, Stevie. 

These are probably all elders' in Steven's district at the MTC
(The missionaries are organized into different groups, called districts, depending on what language they are learning)

At the MTC Stevie went to classes almost all day on scripture study, preparing and practicing sharing the gospel with others, and learning Spanish. 


Hang Loose (?)

"He ain't heavy.... he my brother"

Outside the MTC

(That middle guy looks like Draco Malfoy... for real)

Practicing "Street Fighter" moves... just in case

Handsome as ever...

Packing up and leaving the MTC - now off to magical Fresno, CA!! Whew-hoo!

Usually elders are in a companionship of two, but Stevie had a group of three for awhile, so this must be The Three Musketeers in action. 

A meeting or training for Stevie's district

Doing service in the good old sunshine!

Out to dinner at a famous hunting lodge in Fresno
(I made that up, but they are out to dinner somewhere... and it looks like a burly, manly hunting lodge to me...)

Outside the Fresno Temple

Ready to take on anything, Steven's lookin' sharp in his tan suit

Gotta love that Steven...

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