Tuesday, October 25, 2011

3rd Transfer - Same Area... Love it!

Dear family,
    It is so good to hear from all of you and to know that you are thinking about me and supporting me so much in this work.  Things are really good here in Fresno.  It is still my first area for the 3rd transfer and I love it here.  We just baptized Irma this past Saturday and confirmed her Sunday.  She chose me to baptize her and my companion to confirm her.  It was very special and I have never seen her show much emotion the whole time we have taught her and after her baptism she was so happy.  I couldn't believe it.  I will send pictures soon to Sarah and also some hard copies home but it was awesome and was very spiritual.  This coming week we are going to have the baptism for Sixto on Sunday and he has his interview tonight.  He is a miracle and has changed so much from the first day we saw him.  He hasn't drank in 3 weeks and you can see such a significant difference in him from when we first met him.  He has learned so much and we just set a baptismal date with his friend who lives with him.  His name is Jorge and he will be baptized on November 27th.  The work is going awesome and it is all truly through the Spirit that is with us.  I know that the Lord is putting these people in our way and then preparing us through the Spirit to know what to say and invite them to.  Thank you so much all of you who prayed for these of our brothers and sisters and I know that they helped them to enter into the water of baptism.

      The language is still coming a long great and I feel like it is improving a lot.  Obviously not as much since my native companion Elder Moreno has since gone back to Mexico but it is getting better all the time.  Elder Wright and I get along super well and work very hard.  We see the hand of the Lord in our personal lives daily and in this area.  We have a general authourity coming tomorrow named Elder Koelliker of the 70.  I am so excited to meet him and I will tell you all about it next week.

       There is not too much else going on here but just teaching a lot of different people and just working hard to build their faith and testify of the truth that we know and find so much joy in.  I love the gospel in such a way that is amazes me.  I truly love it and am so happy we are all a part of it together as a family.  It is such a blessing and I know that it is true and that we will live together forever after this life.  Read the scriptures daily, personally and as a family, and pray personally and as a family.  Have famliy home evenings and attend the temple.  These things I see first hand make a huge difference.  You can just walk into a home and know if that family really does those things because the Spirit is there.  Never forget the GREAT importance of the things that are little or maybe just seem little.  The scriptures say that it is through small and simple things (family scripture study) that great things are brought to pass (real friendships at home and contention stopping).  These are promises of our Heavenly Father, the Almighty.  We must listen.  These things I only say because I have seen such a difference in families who do and don't and especially for all of our family that has such young families.  It is much easier to make a habit of something when you first start rather that trying to defeat a bad habit and start a good one at the same time.

      Also just a side note.  Make sure the missionaries at home are good ones.  Whip them into shape and don't just let them slide by because they have a name tag on.  They are set apart as representatives but that doesn't mean the power is given, it is just possible at that point.  They need to earn.  Don't let them play wii with the kids or watch TV or stay for more than 45 minutes.  Get them out the door because they are there to share a message and find the other sons and daughters of God who are ready.  Don't let them eat for and hour and then chit chat for another.  They should be in and out with a good message for the family.  I have just seen some missionaries who don't do this and it is important to show love and care to the families you visit but to be on your way to share the Gospel with everyone else too. Then when you got those special missionaries who really know what they are doing and do it in the Lord's way, help them out.  Give them referrals and rides and food, because they are going to baptize your friends and families cause they have the Spirit.

      I love you all so much and will always keep you each in my prayers.  May God always bless you with what you need and what you work for.  I love you all a ton and am so greatful for all the prayers, letters and emails, support, and love that you give me.  I LOVE YOU!!!
-Love you son/brother/grandson/nephew/cousin/uncle/friend Elder Neeley

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  1. What an amazing and dedicated missionary. Loved reading your testimony and experiences in the letters. Thanks for giving me the blog in your letter. So good to hear from you this week. We miss you and pray for you. Can't wait to hear the Spanish! Glad you and Jordan are keeping in touch as well. We love you and miss you.