Saturday, January 21, 2012

Overcoming Trials

Dear family,

        I am really enjoying my mission and all the challenges it
puts forth and the opportunities to grow and love.  I have been doing
everything that you suggested Dad, by asking others for input and
following "Preach My Gospel" and the Spirit in my leadership duties.
I really enjoy this opportunity to serve and it is in fact service.  I
am constantly trying to repent and be better because there is so much
for me to work on all the time.  I really love repenting and the gift
the Christ gave us so that we can.  We all sin and repentance is the
best because it takes away the pains and guilt and replaces it with
the Spirit and love.

         We have had some trials as different investigators have been
dropped and others missed their dates for baptism.  We are working
harder all the time and trying to be more obedient every day so that
the Lord can bless us and our investigators.  We just had our first
district meeting for this transfer and we talked about faith and how
fear and doubt can never exist with eachother, it is like light and
dark.  We all have a lot of trials as missionaries but we just like
everyone who has trials have to have faith and must drive out fear.
Moroni 8:16 says that "perfect love casteth out all fear" and
therefore we must have love to cast out fear and only have faith.  I
have had my faith tried a lot but I know that we will reach our goals
and that we will have success in the Lord's eyes because we have faith
and we show it through diligently working and being obedient.

           This last preparation day we went to Yosemite National
park and it was amazing.  We took a lot of pictures and I will send
you the card Sarah, so that you can put them on the blog and make
copies if Mom and Dad want hard copies please.  That took up the whole
day and there was a tiny tiny tiny bit of snow and it was a little
cold.   I really enjoyed it and think that you will all like the

           I am always happy to hear that stuff is going well at home
and that you are all striving to be such  good missionaries and
sharing the Gospel.  I love you all so much and you are all such good
examples to me.  I love hearing about all the things that you do and
have going on and I pray for each of you always and the specific
things that you all have going on and hope that all is well.  I love
you all so very much and love to hear from you.  Keep up all the great
work you do.

-Love your son/brother/grandson/nephew/cousin/uncle/friend Elder Neeley

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