Monday, January 30, 2012

Steven is Working So Hard

Dear family,
        So things are going well in Fresno as always but there has been some stress in the work recently.  We have a family that is investigating the Church and know that they are going to get baptized but keep saying they need to wait.  We are working our hardest to resolve doubts and buil their testimony but they just can't seem to take that step.  They are such and amazing family and I love them so much.  They love us too and cook for us every time we come and we never ask.  The daughter fixed my Book of Mormon the othr week when the spine was coming loose and they are just awesome but the mom still feels unready.  It is so frustrating but I know they will be baptized in the coming month.  Until then it is just a lot of faith and hope and waiting until they finally accept the answers they are recieving about this message. We have 2 other baptismal candidates for feburary that have dates and one is very excited and solid and the other is a 17 year old girl who is also excited but has been sick recently and we need to see her because it has been a little while. 

                I love my mission and I am just trying to work my hardest and be more obedient every day but I always seem to keep messing up but what is new haha.  The Atonement is very much necessary and I become more and more greatful for the amount that Christ suffered for me alone and I still don't fully understand how much it really was.  I am also continually amazing that he can possibley forgive me over and over and over again.  He truly is perfect and loves us perfectly and is willing to lift us when we fall over and over again.

                 Also I got Matt Hansen's letters all of a sudden and I will be writing him back.  He seems to be doing well and I am glad he hasn't forgotten me.  Also I have not written anyone for the past 4 weeks I think.   I am really sorry and I am getting everyone's mail but I am lazy and I am repenting and I will be writing letters today and sending them this week.  I am sorry but know that I love you a ton and still pray for you always.  I still need to send back to charger to the cam cord and I am sorry like wise for that, I am a bad person.  I am still the same height I think and my pants are all still great.  Also there is always a special bond between the family that a missionary teaches and that missionary and President Gelwix has told me that I just have an inherent ability to love everyone which I believe is true (maybe you all who have grown up with me would say otherwise haha) but I have a very close an personal relationship with just about all investigators and certainly all who have been baptized.  Dad,  I love being a district leader and just try to do my best but I feel like I don't know what I am doing and feel like I am constantly messing up and not being the best example for these missionaries but I try my hardest to repent and do better all the time.  I do enjoy it though.  All the missionaries in the district and I are very close and we love and respect eachother and you know that I have always had that ability to just become close with the people I work with and it is the same with all these missionaries.

         It sounds like so much is going on at home all the time now and maybe I just get the high lights but everyone is really busy.  That is so awesome that you are doing a half marathon Dad and it is great that you all got that time to spend together in SLC and that some skiing was done.  That sounds like a lot of fun!  Also that is so awesome that David Jordan was called to be a mission president!  He will love that and if you can tell him I said congratulations and to roll with the punches because they will come.  My mission president always says "the biggest lie is that the mission president knows what he is doing"  maybe he will find truth in that but it is the same in all things:  The Lord knows what to do so we just need to ALWAYS go to Him.  I love you all a ton and miss you and will be writing.  Dad I am still like 6'4 and like 170ish I think, no fat.  Love you all!!!!!!

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