Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Still Going Strong

Dear family,
       This week we had the baptism of Alma Contreras.  It was a very spiritual experience for all who attended.  It was a little stressful coming up to it though because she wanted to be baptized in the stake center by the temple rather than our stake center so we didn't have keys to the building.  Then the program wouldn't print right so we were later than we should have been so the font was not filled when we started and we had to get giant serving bowls from the kitchen and fill them in the shower in the men's restroom and throw the water in the font.  It is funny looking back at it and everything turned out well but it was a little stressful haha.

        We had transfers again and I will still be staying in the Echo ward (the ward where I started my mission) and I will be training again so I will be here for atleast 12 more weeks.  I will find out thursday who my companion is and he is either form Chile, Texas or Idaho and they all speak spanish well as far as I know.  I am really excited to find out and will let you know next week!  Elder Worthen my companion is going down south in the mission and will be in a spanish/english area.  He is a great missionary and I will miss him a ton but like I said I am really glad to train again and help out another missionary love their mission as much as  I do.  We said bye to some families and we got some great pictures I will try to send but I need to get them from Elder Worthen cause something is wrong with my camera and it is broken right now.

       Also tell David Jordan congratulations and that is so awesome that he is going to London.  We will definitely need to go visit it him when I get back and no I do not have a passport so we will need to get one of those.

        That is also really amazing that you all did the half marathon together and that you all finished it.  I wish I could have been there for that.  Tell Alex I said good job and that he has ran further than I ever have for a straight period of time haha.  I love you all so much and appreciate your prayers and the support you give me.  I keep you all in my prayers ever day.

         How is the missionary work going in the ward and in your lives personally? Are you all praying to know who you can share the Gospel with.  The Lord will tell you as you ask Him, I promise you that.  I love it here and my mission and I miss you a ton but I will be very sad to leave this place when that day finally comes.  I'm sure Mom doesn't want to hear that but it is true.  I love missionary work and all the people that have come into my life through it and the blessings of happiness it has brought others.  LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!
-Love your son/brother/grandson/nephew/cousin/uncle/friend Elder Neeley

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