Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Things in Fresno are warm and fantastic"

Dear family,

          Things in Fresno are warm and fantastic.  The work has been a little slower and with higher goals and expectations we have seemed to be seeing more difficulties and problems arise in the work.  We just taught one of our investigators and her family the "Stop Smoking Lesson".  It was awesome and we taught it in a members house and the Spirit was there and she is going to stop.  It really it a fantastic lesson of 15 steps each day for one week and it always works if they follow it to a T.  I just got off the phone 2 seconds ago with a man from our ward who came to the mission office to get an account on his tithing but no one speaks spanish so Sister Mauro (the secretary) called me to translate and let her know what was going on haha.  It was cool and we ended up helping him be able to get in contact with the people that could actually help him.  Our other really good investigator Enrique came to church and he is just doing awesome and we have a FHE with him tonight in a members home.  We hope to set a date tonight.

                 In other news I am still in Echo ward and I LOVE it here and it is funny mom talked about me not extending cause I was really thinking about talking to President now to get an extension on my mission rather than wait to the end.  Do you really not want me to do that?  Cause I do.  But anyway Easter here was the same with easter eggs and stuff but instead of ham it was tamales and rice and  beans which I love.  I will spend my birthday and Mother's Day here in Echo and the transfer will be the Wednesday following that so I will know what I am doing and where I will be when we are on the phone.  I will be done training Elder Hafen in the 12 week program so the is the possibility for change and I will do and go where ever the Lord wants but if it doesn't matter too much to Him I would stay in Echo doing what I do now cause I love it.  The members are amazed at how long I have been here and I have their trust and friendship as a missionary so I hope I stay here.  They are like my giant mexican/slightly central and south american family haha.

                 I did infact send pictures so I don't know why they are not there but I promise I did send them.  Also Eleanor, Grandma told me you are excited for BYU with me and so am I but that is a little ways off so I am not really going to think about it so I can stay focused but it will be fun and I love you a ton.  Make sure on your end that you study hard and get good grades so you can get accepted!

                Dad thank you for sharing that story with me.  I never knew that and I want to hear all sorts of stories from your mission.  I really do love them and I love you and your awesome example of work, love and obedience that you put before me.  I love you all and pray that you are being missionaries and promise you all the help of heaven as you just go out and try to share the Gospel through any means of example, teaching, or inviting.  You will see miracles.  I told our Zone in some recent training I gave that we hold the same power of Elijah to call down fire from heaven so let's do it.  Let's call down fire from heaven and stop just saying we believe in miracles in this day and age and lets actually believe.  Let's actually perform and witness miracles through His help accompanied with our BEST effort.

                 I love you all and pray for you daily.  I know all is well and I hope that you all continue being as amazing examples of Christ that you are being now.  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
-Love your son/brother/grandson/nephew/cousin/uncle/friend Elder Neeley

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