Monday, April 9, 2012

Brighter Days in Fresno

March 26th, 2012

Dear family,
             It is so awesome to hear from and it seems that our family is always up to something fun and an exciting.  Either you are having way more fun now that I am gone or I just never got a snapshot of everyone's life like this before haha.  I am absolutely loving it here in Fresno and to answer your question Dad I may never get transferred at this rate and I hope I never do.  I love this ward and they really like me too.  I hope I just keep being a trainer here til the end of my mission and I think that it is a good possibility.  I may move in responsibility but I just know I am wherever the Lord needs me MOST.  I am sure I could do a lot of different things but I am exactly where I need to be and I know that is true.

            We just had a baptism of Maria Salmeron and Maggy Rosales who are sisters.  I told you about them.  We had their baptism and it was great!  They were very excited and they are just awesome members and we are going to go look at the temple and talk about baptisms for the dead and sealings and get them to go there ASAP.  As well will and going to let them know that March 25 2013 we will all be going to the temple together.  This Saturday we are going to baptize their other sister Jenny and Maria's daughter Iridian and we are going to have that between General Conference sessions.  We are very excited and are just trying to work our hardest and be obedient and humble.  It is tough to do everything but we do our best to do it.

              To answer some other questions, I will be making pictures and sending them to you and I am sorry that I am slow on it cause I know that I need to keep up with you all at home as well as doing all my mission responsibilities so I will do better.  By the way tell Ruthe she is awesome and please take Alex to New York cause I know that he would love it and there are few sweeter memories than those I have just one on one with you Dad and I know Alex will cherish that time with you for years to come as I do.  Also I am not fat at all still and like I said I still work out hard in the morning.  I have been using the same belt the whole time and my pants still would hang a little without the belt.  I am not dying or anything but I am certainly not fat.  I never bike.  Our are just is huge and I don't really enjoy it but I know that we meet a lot of people through doing it.  I need to bike more.

               That is so awesome that you are going to London to speak at a Conference with President Jordan cause that is an experience you will never forget and will really impact those missionaries.  Fast and pray may days (Alma 5:46) while preparing what you will say because this training that they will recieve from you is going to impact them and directly how they work.  You will know what to say cause you are awesome at speaking and you are a fantastic missionary.  I love you all so dearly and pray the best upon all of you and hope so much that you are being the BEST missionaries you can be.  Always keep inviting your friends and sharing in anyway possible.  I love you and am always praying for you.  Thanks for all you do and for the letters and support you give me.
-Love your son/brother/grandson/nephew/cousin/uncle/friend Elder Neeley

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