Sunday, July 8, 2012

Big Goals

Dear family,
            I am glad to hear that your trip to Alaska went well.  Did you see any whales?  I bet it was beautiful being out there in the wild.  How was the food?  I heard that is the best part of the cruise, all the crab, steak and lobster you can eat.

            How is family scripture study going?  What about the kids personal scripture study and prayer.  Those things are so important for them especially with the hard storm of temptation that they are facing.  It truly is like nothing I am sure that you and mom saw in your day and I am sure you recognize that.  But being on a mission I have truly seen the filth that is the television, high school, and internet.  I am not trying to sound like I am getting up on the pulpit and doing some holier than thou speech but it is true.  The younger kids have missiles in their lives and they need the defense of the scriptures and prayer.  President Kimball said "I do not worry about the youth that will say their prayers TWICE a day".  The Prophets only ever talk about the youth and how they are so worried about the imense temptation they face in this generation but he said he would not worry about those who pray twice daily.  That is quite the statement.  Make sure that is something you ask them and ask them.  We can't make anyone do anything but we can teach and invite and follow up.  Make sure they know 1) the danger all around them and 2) the way to defend them selves from it.  I know you are doing a good job and I know because of all you taught me but I know I didn't do those 2 things enough growing up.  Encourage them to do so and make sure that you get to the temple as often as possible.

           The work is going really well.  This month we are committed, and obssessed with every companionship baptizing this month of July.  It is a feat that has never been done.  We will have all 11 companionships baptizing through the Lord's power and mercy.  It is our only desire this month.  We baptized a lady named Maria Duarte yesterday and we have another baptism on the 14th of July.  We are very excited for the work right now.  We have a lot of good missionaries in the zone this transfer and I would like to say that we are "stacked". 

           On another note we ate out of a taco bus today and the lady who just got baptized was baptized by a recent convert who had got baptized exactly one week earlier and then got confirmed and recieved the preisthood and baptized Maria.  It was so awesome!

           Maria lives alone and has like 6 dogs who are all pretty sickly and one even has 3 legs and there is another we things is pregnant who goes to the bathroom in front of us every time we come over.  It is kind of sick but we love Maria!  Everything is good and I am about to go play basket ball and have a little relax time for preparation day.  I love you all so much and care and pray about you every day.  I hope all is well and especially that you are all being missionaries every day.  Invite you friends to church!  Get over to the house for FHE or something.  I love you SO MUCH!!!
-Love your son/brother/grandson/nephew/cousin/uncle/friend Elder Neeley

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