Sunday, July 8, 2012

Border Crossing Story

Dear family,
         Things are going great here in Ceres.  We just baptized a young man named Armando Garcia who is the son of the family we baptized 9 days ago.  Armando was baptized on Thursday the 14th and confirmed the following Sunday.  This next Sunday we have a baptism of a man named Jose Cabrera.  He is about 22 years old and has had a a really rough life from being a in a gang.  He got shot in his ear and the bullet went down through his mouth and they had to reconstruct his mouth and all sorts of stuff.  He says that he can feel his brain move around sometimes in his head!  He has been a heavy drinker and missed his first  baptismal date in May because of that but since we have been working with him a lot more consistantly (and therefore because he has felt the Spirit more) he has stopped drinking and is super excited for his baptism on Sunday.  The Spirit does the converstion and the changing of hearts we just need to be the biggest and purest vessel that we can be in order to carry the Spirit.  We do that obviously by being worthy, obedient, committed and focused.  We have a lot of other investigators that are pretty set to get baptized in July and we are very excited for them as well.  I will be letting you know about them as their baptism comes closer.

             On another note here is a border crossing story.  A missionary that is serving here is from Riverside CA (5 hours away) and he is here because he is not a citizen so they keep him close to home.  This is so there is no need to travel and need a passport or something.  He crossed when he was 7 and he was hidden in between a set of seats and the back of the car(there was no trunk) and he was covered by some blankets and stuff and when they stopped the driver told him he would turn of the music and that meant he could not move a muscle and couldn't make any sound whatsoever.  So they were driving and the driver stopped and hit the power button and he froze.  They looked through some stuff and never saw him and they let him go.  He lived in a garage with his mom and they are dirt poor.  He is the only member in his family and his mom said she was going to burn down the church when he decided to serve a mission.  Thank you all so much for supporting me and being wonderful parents and family to me.  I can only imagine the struggles this missionary friend of mine feels .  Thank you so much again.  I love you all so much.

             Thanks a ton for the Sestito's address.  I will be sending my letter to them today.  As well I will talk to President about extending my mission but I will do what is best and I appreciate your support in that.  I understand the consequences of the different decisions and I will let you know for sure in the close future.  I love you all SO much and pray that you be missionaries every day.
-Love your son/brother/grandson/nephew/cousin/uncle/friend

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