Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Area

Dear family,
                  Sorry about the short email last week, this one will be a little better.  This area is awesome and I am still speaking spanish just as much here as I did in Fresno.  There are tons of hispanics and we speak quite a bit in our companionship because we are training Elder DeWitt who is waiting on his visa to go to Argentina.  He is an awesome missionary who works hard and is really smart.  My other companion who is teaching me how to be a Zone Leader is Elder Burnett and he is REALLY smart, like a genius.  We have 7 baptisms for this weekend and we are super excited for them.  I will get some pictures and send them off this month some time.  One of them, Juana, is the sister of a recent convert who got baptized a week ago and then 2 cousins of the same recent convert.  Their whole family is hilarious I love them so much.  They are just awesome and they love the Gospel and the Lord.  Another 3 of the 7 are all a family (a son, daughter and a faither) who are cousins of Juana and her sister (the recent convert) as well.  The father, daughter and son, are only 3 of 5 in the family as wll and the other two (the mom and another son) will probably be baptized some time in this month as well.  Then the last of the 7 is an 11 year old who is named Elizabeth who is the friend of a recent convert who is 11 or 12 to and she comes to church with her friend every week.  We are super excited and the work is going so well.
            I did get the email last week and I thought I commented on Ruthe's awesome preformance but if not... IT WAS AWESOME!  That is so cool that as a freshman she is already a track all star and champion of the world.  Just tell her not to be prideful and to not get caught up in things that are nice but are not actually important in the scheme of eternity.  Tell Nate also that I said congrats and I am super happy for him to be married.
                  Also our apartment is now fine and we just need to clean the carpet and move our stuff back downstairs when we feel like it but I am enjoying it up stairs.  As well like 60 to 80 percent are illegal here but I really don't care I just love them all the same.  They are our brothers and they need the Gospel.  Don't tell Uncle Ed I said that haha but that is how I feel.  We never really use our bike every since I have been here except for an exchange I had with our District leader.  I still work out and now they have us running every day cause some elders didn't work out really so they did a mission wide program.  So i am still skinny and muscular for the most part so don't worry about that.  I eat so much mexican food and still don't put on weight.
                 I am so glad to hear that you are all being missionaries!  That is so amazing and I know that people may not be super interested most of the time but it is all worth it for the 1 who is.  Keep it up.  Keep helping the missionaries cause they need it.  I love you all so much and keep you in my prayers.  I love you!!!!!!!!!!!
-Love Elder Neeley

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