Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Dream: toothpaste and deodorant

Dear family,

           I love being a missionary so very much and it saddens me to see it coming closer to an end and it seems to just come faster and faster.  I do miss all of you and know that there are very important things for me to do at home but I do love this stage of my life and I know that the church is true and that the teachings are perfect but not the people.  I love working with so many people though.  In my new area we work with just white people and it is a lot different but the process for conversion is the same and the members are AWESOME!  They work so hard and we are seeing a ton of success.  We should be having some baptisms here with in the month.

            Being an assistant is a VERY busy life but I love it.  I take nothing on myself but am just very happy to serve and it is SERVICE.  A ton of service and I love it.  I as well love getting to be around President much more and I love him so much.  He is like another parent to me (NEVER to replace you both, of course).  I absolutely love him and the missionaries that are here in the mission.  I love the assignment for that too, that I get to see all the missionaries in the whole mission periodically for conferences and such.  We do a lot of planning and preparation for meetings and all the behind the scenes work so everything runs smoothly.  We also have to do lots of different training and reports and work with missionaries as well.  Elder Riboldi has been an assistant for 2 transfers or 3 months now and he is a great missionary.  His father is from Argentina and that is where the name comes from although Argentina was mainly occupied by lots of Europeans so they are usually more white.  So I would imagine if you trace back far enough, it is Italian.  He goes home one transfer before me in April.

             If you would like to send me something, a watch would be great cause I gave my other one to a recent convert of 10 years and a cheap one is fine but just classy prefferably, like metal but not expensive at all.  But what ever you get is fine with me, I will not complain one bit.  Maybe some more toothpaste and deoderant just so I don't have to keep buying it.  Not a ton cause I don't have that much longer left but some more.  Other than that what ever is fine.

             We are teaching a family of 11 people and half of them got baptized before I got here but 3 got home from college and are now there for a little more than a month so we are working with them and they are great.  They have had 7 children that they adopted and half their family is black and I just feel like I am home haha.  I love working with them and the 3 older girls are really interested and are most likely going to be baptized this month.

               I love you all so much and am greatful for all your love and prayers and letters and gifts that you have been sending me.  Please share the Gospel, especially in this time of year when we have so much to be greatful to are Heavenly Father for.  I love being a missionary and know again that this church is lead by Jesus Christ and is His only true church on the face of the earth not as discrimination at all but as invitation to all to come and drink from the fountain that has no cost but gives forth life eternal and happiness.

-Love Elder Neeley

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