Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Christmas - but you only get 40 minutes :)

December 24th, 2012

Dear family,

          First of all we are planning on you calling me on my phone at 12 noon MY time and 3pm YOUR time.  I hope that is ok but if not we will figure something out.  The number that you will call me on is 559-270-2898.  The call can be NO LONGER THAN 40 min, sorry no hour and 40.  As well please just get rid of the number after we are done talking cause I know you know but we can't talk or text obviously until mother's day.

           I have got your packages and I love them.  I have gotten the card from Sarah and Robbie and can't wait to be able to redeem them after the mission haha.  I also got the family Christmas card and was just shocked to see how mature everyone looked!  2 years certainly changes a lot.  We have such a super star family because the Lord has blessed us with talents and success due to faithful living of the Gospel.  That is one of the greatest things is that we will "prosper in the land" or rather physically as well as spiritually as we are obedient even in the little things of the Gospel.  I know it is true.

           We have a baptism of 2 girls this Saturday and I am so excited for it!  It is a family of 13 just like ours!!  And they are half black and half white and they have adopted several kids and I feel right at home.  They are so unified and loving as a family and clearly they look at each other all the same just as we do.  I love that family and I fit right in with all their craziness haha.  I do miss you all so much and grow more greatful for an eternal family every day.  I love you each so very much I can't put it into words but I feel my heart is full as I look at your card.  Let's all be more faithful to the covenants we made in the DC temple so many years ago when we were all sealed.  That is still my favorite memory of my life and I want to be with you all forever.  Keep being a missionary every single day! LOVE YOU!!!!!!

-Love Elder Neeley

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