Monday, December 5, 2011

Teresa DOES get baptized :)

Dear family,
           Things in Fresno are going really well.  I am super excited for the months to come because of some changes.  This transfer I am a Trainer and I get my Trainee this Thursday.  I am staying in the same ward but the boundaries are cut into 2 areas, East and West.  I have been working in East since I started my mission and now I will be training in the West area of the same ward.  Also now they have it where you train your Trainee for 2 tranfers instead of just one so I will be here for about 3 more months atleast.  I am super excited because I love this ward and am happy to be here for Christmas.  They all are very helpful and I have all their trust so it will be great training here.  Also our second counselor of the Bishopwrick is taking all 4 missionaries to Yosemite National Park when it snows so I will send pictures of that too.  It is just a little chilly here in Fresno but never really like winter.  We won't see snow at any point except in the mountains but we don't work up there.  It gets kind of foggy and that is as close to snow as it gets here.  Today I sent about 30 pictures home so they will be there within the week.  Sorry it took so long.  This next transfer we get to go to the Temple too so I am SUPER excited about that!  We can only go every 4 and a half months so you start to miss the Spirit there.

                Teresa the younger haha did get baptized last Wednesday after her Mom and brother got baptized that Sunday previous.  I baptized the 10 year old boy, Daniel and then all three were confirmed on Sunday and I confirmed Daniel, it was an awesome experience, all in Spanish.  Grandma to answer your question there is a 4th member of the family who is a 17 year old foster child named Angela.  The Dad of the family lives in Wisconsin because they are separated but not divorced.  With Angela we are teaching her and plan on setting a baptismal date with her tonight.  She always comes to Churhc with the family and loves Mutual every week and has tons of friends in the church so she will be baptized in the coming weeks!

               I don't know if you remember Sixto either but he is finally moving out of his crazy 8 man apartment and will be living by himself so he will easily be able to stop drinking.  We plan on his baptism sometime this month as well.

              I wrote letters to the younger brothers and sisters that wrote me and am working on writing the rest so just hold on and I promise they will get there.  Sorry I am not as good at writing back as I should be so forgive me and I will do better.  I am glad to hear that the family got to go home and be with each other.  That must have been really nice.  I missed you all too but we had a great dinner for Thanksgiving and we got to watch a movie called 17 miracles about the Willie Handcart Company.  You should all watch it cause it is really good and really brings the Spirit in strongly.  I thank you all so much for your emails and love to read them every week.  Also thank you a ton just for all the love and support you give me and the prayers that you offer for me and the work here in Fresno and these specific investigators.  Your the best family an Elder could ask for!  I love you all and always keep you in my prayers.  Also I am glad you got a system for family scripture study cause that will be such a blessing to do.  


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