Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving in Fresno

Dear family,

          Things in Fresno are going really well.  I promise that there will be pictures by next week, please don't disown me.  Also I figured as much about the P-coat haha so don't worry about it if it is a hassle.  I am glad to hear you are doing good missionary work, ask Heavenly Father in all of your prayers to bless you with missionary opportunities.  He will put those who are prepared in your way you just need to have the Spirit to act with in the moment it happens.  When we have the Spirit and we follow the Spirit, we need not fear because it is at that point that God is acting through us and we don't need to worry about messing up cause it is Him speaking.

          I am sad to hear about Barbara Edwards though.  I hope she is doing better but it is sad to hear that she is out of church because she is such an awesome lady.  That is also very awesome that you will all be having over some investigators for dinner on Thanksgiving because you cannot believe how important members are and the frienship you can provide for these people who don't really know at all the path they are going down, they just know it is good.

           That is also great to hear that everyone is doing well in Basketball and that Alex made the team and is progressing so much in Church and behavior and everything.  I love our family so much and I miss you all but I know that this work is so important and honestly I can see the changes and blessings in our family.

          For Thanksgiving we will be going over a white family's house that go to our ward.  The dad served in Guatamala and is the 1st counselor in the Bishopwrick and he has never had us over for dinner so he invited us for Thanksgiving and I am really excited.  We also have the Turkey bowl that morning and it will be great I am sure.  Mexican people do eat turkey but definitely prefer chicken over turkey.  It is not their favorite.  I feel like my spanish is pretty good and that I am comfortable talking with anyone about different subjects.  Definitely it is not perfect but President Gelwix asked me the other day if my spanish was good enough that I could train a missionary and I confidently answered "Si".  Also a side note we do call home on Christmas Day but I will call home on Christmas Eve just for 2 minutes and we will set up what time on Christmas Day we will actually talk so just be ready for that and me and you (Dad) will set up that time.  Tell Olivia that I will write her as well as Alex and Eleanor and everyone else that has been writing me.  But my favorite thing I guess is when some one is getting baptized and I picture them in the Temple one year from that day being sealed for time and eternity to their family who they love so dearly.  It is sad to think that some people won't be able to live with their family as a family forever but it makes it that much more of an over whelming joy that we have the oppurtunity to do so.  I love our family and that is the happiest and best part of this Gospel for me is that we will all be together and giving that to others is the best.   I love a lot of other things, a lot, but that is my favorite.

             The Romero family did get baptized, except for the 8 year old daughter Teresa.  It is really sad for me to think about but it will be ok.  She was in her white jump suit and when she was in the locker room she cried and said she couldn't do it.  There were a lot of people and I think that is what set off her fear because she is VERY shy.  So she said she wants to be baptized but yesterday the 20th was just not the day she was ready for it.  It is was amazing though to see Sister Romero and Daniel be baptized.  I baptized Daniel and a member baptized Sister Romero.  I will send pictures.  It was amazing and Sister Romero stood up afterward and said she was there to be a good member and serve everyone in the ward if anyone would ever need anything and then anounced her phone number and address.  It was unusual but you could feel the sincerety and testimony in her voice as she talked about her desire to serve.  It was an awesome night.

            I love you all and hope all is well.  I know this Church is true and I see it everyday in this work.  I will know if I am leaving or staying here next time I email but I hope I stay because the work is great here and I love this ward.  I love you all so dearly and thank you for the love, support and prayers you offer for me and this work and these people here.  You are the best family anyone could ask for.  I love you.

-Love your son/brother/grandson/nephew/cousin/uncle/friend Elder Neeley

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