Monday, February 18, 2013

Surprise Baptism

January 28, 2013

Dear family,

            First of all, Dad, no worries about the letter just when you get to it, that will be fine.  I am so glad that you are all my family.  I just think of you and pray for you and am filled with such an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude for you all.  I love being a missionary and can't believe the time is winding down SO fast.  It is incredible to think less than 5 months til I get home!  I try not to think on it, although I will be happy to see you, but I honestly don't know where it has gone.  I can't say enough about how thankful I am for my mission and a family who has prepared me in more ways than you know to be a successful missionary.  I hope Alex and even some of the girls if they so choose will not just go on a mission but I hope you all prepare to serve.  Not just reading and studying but learning patience and love, which I will tell you our family can teach you a lot of those two haha.  Some good and some not so good haha. 

            Here in the field we had a surprise baptism, literally!  We have been teaching Brother Dan Bravo and he has been so solid but then this last week he wasn't sure and brought up a concern about tithing so we had to postpone the baptism that was to happen this last Saturday.  So Monday the 21st we had a lesson and we were really trying to help him overcome his concern but he still said he needed to pray and work some stuff out before his baptism on the 26th.  We had a tour of the temple with him Tuesday and he still wasn't sure and then Saturday we thought we were with out a baptism.  You could imagine how we felt as we had transfers and couldn't see him for 3 days straight and just had to hope that he was praying and getting answers and having the courage to act on what is right.  Then Saturday afternoon we get a call from Bro. Bravo and he says that he wants to meet up with us Saturday evening at 7 at the Stake Center.  We were traveling with President Gelwix at the time doing some mission business and so we changed our plans and got there and Brother Bravo was dressed in white!  It was so awesome and he said he knew since last Sunday he was going to do this but he wanted to surprise us.  It was awesome.  A ton of the ward was there and everything set up and we went to dinner with him, his family, some other misssionaries and President afterwards.

            We have zone conferences this coming week on Tues, Weds, and Thurs and so we will be very busy this week as well but it will be great.  This transfer is only 5 weeks long cause of the change in MTC time is now one week shorter.  Usually the transfers are 6 weeks but to accomodate the surplus of missionaries they changed the time from 9 weeks in the MTC for foreign speaking to 6 weeks.  Also for native speaking it went from 3 to 2 weeks.

             Ok this is really important: I need the info for our dental insurance (what ever that entails) so that I can get this tooth fixed.  I realized I need it so I had to move the appointment and so it is next Monday at 1:30pm so I just need that insurance info so that they can find out costs and stuff.  I would have done it this week but they are open Mon-Thurs. and we have the conferences this week through Thurs.  So it is set and it will be done now for sure, I just need that info and President said I can get on my email when ever today or this week to get that info from you.  So just email me back with that as soon as you can and I will get it to the dentist.

            I love you all so much and appreciate all that you do for me.  I realy am so thankful for your prayers and love for me.  You are the best family ever and I want to spend forever with you.  Be a missionary every single day!  LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

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