Monday, February 18, 2013

Drunk Guys Like the Book of Mormon, too...

January 3, 2013

Dear family,

            Things are going well and we have two baptisms this weekend on saturday of two kids named Rodolfo and Claudia who are 10 and 12 years old.  They are very excited and me and my companion are going to baptize them.  We have several other people right now too who are preparing for baptism and we are very excited for this month.
            We went to Yosemite again today and I sent you some pictures from that too and I hope you like them.  We have transfers not this Wednesday but the next one so I am excited to see what happens.  It is always a little exciting to see what happens almost like fantasy football drafts but more Spiritually important haha.  I do in fact get a long with President really well and he told me that if you all ever disown me he would adopt me in a heartbeat.  He is a wonderful man and has taught me so much about the Gospel and how I can change and grow and be a better disciple of Christ and son of God.  I love him a lot.

             This past week we found a guy who may have been a little drunk but we went to contact one of our investigators and he was outside her house.  The investigator's husband said that she wasn't home so we said we would stop by later.  The drunkish guy thought we were talking to him so he said "today?" and then said "just come over now" and led us to his house.  He had read the Book of Mormon before and had a desire to help his family and change so we are starting to teach him and he said he would like to get baptized but needs more time.  It was a cool experience.

             I am so glad to hear the family is all doing well and that everyone is busy doing different things and helping out family a lot.  Grandma is really greatful for Amber and Olivia and for all the grandchildren who help out.  Uncle Keith too was happy to have Alex and Darius' help this past week as well.  I am glad to hear too that Alex is doing better in basketball.  That is great.  Alex should invite Darius to church this Sunday and bring him with all you.  That would be a great opporunity for the Spirit to touch his life and he and his family need it.  We all need it.
            I love you all and pray that you are safe and continually to be missionaries every single day cause there is nothing better than others and ourselves coming to Christ.

-Love Elder Neeley

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