Monday, February 18, 2013

Finding the Novoa Family

February 5, 2013

Dear family,

          This past preparation day got crazy cause President needed our help for a missionary that had to go back to Venezuela to get his visa renewed so I was not able to email but President gave me permission to do it now so no worries that it is Tuesday and a little later.  We are in the mission office using the computers here currently.

           We found the Novoa family this past week and they are so awesome.  We were doing a little tracting, offering blessings on peoples' homes as we went and we ran into Raymond and his son Raymond Jr. coming back from a bike ride.  They just pulled into there driveway as we were approaching the house and we asked if we could come leave a blessing on their home and say a prayer and they agreed.  It was just him and little Raymond, who is 7 years old, at the house.  We said a prayer and left a blessing on the home and the Spirit was very strong there in the home.  We asked them how they felt and little Ray said "I feel really good" so we explained to him and his dad that they were feeling the Spirit or God's little messenger to tell them that the blessing came from God.  We asked them if they would like this feeling in their home always with their family and they said yes so we invited them to be baptized and they said yes as well!  It was awesome and we set up a return appointment to meet the rest of the family.  There are 4 kids and the parents and the mom of the parents who is there a lot.  For the second meeting the wife, Deanette, was very defensive and direct with some pointed words but it was great.  I love people like that.  

She was raised Baptist and they believe very strongly in ONLY the Bible and also she thought the idea of a Prophet was "dumb" at first.  We explained and answered each question very simply and her whole attitude and countenance changed.  She is very open to both those things and is reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.  Her and her family really like us now and love when we come by.  Raymond Jr. today was waiting for our appointment the whole time and couldn't wait for us to come and pray with him and his family.  His parents said he just loves it when we come over.  Children are so pure and connected with God and His love that it is amazing to me.  I love this family so much and hope that they continue to feel the Spirit like they are cause they are on track.  Please pray for them in every prayer as well as James Dunmore, John Logan, Eric Woods, Rita Sears and Griffin Thom.  You can split them up and all pick one and pray for them but I would appreciate it and know that the Lord will bless them just for your faith.  James Dunmore is having difficulties with health and would like to be baptized but needs his health to be some what sustainable for a few days for that to happen.  John Logan is progressing really well in the Gospel but has gone through a divorce and is just hard to get a hold of because he is busy and we are busy, he is also praying for an answer about the Book of Mormon and will be baptized when he knows it is true.  Eric Woods has a daughter that was baptized in May and he is starting to progress but he gets busy and forgets about saying his prayers and reading.  He is also trying to figure out if the Book of Mormon is true but he is so close!  He got in a fight with his daughter this past week and she went to live with her mom so that made it not possible to visit with him for a while cause she is his link to us, so them having a good relationship is important.  Rita Sears is coming to church with her member husband but her family are not big fans and she is reading the Book of Mormon as well but just needs some prayers to give her strength and courage to do what is right and follow the Spirit as it guides her to truth.  Griffin is the last one and he is 17 years old and his mom won't let him do any more church related activities cause he came to church once and felt the Spirit super strong and wants to get baptized so she said "no more til you're 18".  Prayers for her heart to be softened and his desire to keep going would be great.  I love you all so much and am so thankful for my wonderful family and the love you have for me and for being raised in the Gospel.  I love you!

             As for my front tooth, it will be a process of about 4 weeks.  The dentist wants to whiten my teeth for two weeks so they match the vaneers (like a fake tooth that is a cap to go over) that he is going to put on my front two teeth. So two weeks of whitening and then a week off of letting my teeth rest and then he will take the impressions and prepare my teeth for vaneers and put them on in a week after.  So then all my top and bottom teeth will be nice and white!  Also the insurance does cover at least half cause they have a contract with Metlife.

             I love you and can't believe how fast the 24th of June is coming!  I am going to be home before I even know it and it is crazy to me.  I just LOVE  being a missionary so much  that I will miss it a ton.  I am looking forward to seeing you though.  Be a missionary every day and know that I am praying for all of you.

-Love Elder Neeley

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