Monday, February 18, 2013

Tell Matt I love Him

Dear family,

           We just got done solidifying a baptism for this Saturday about 10 minutes ago!  It was awesome and the young woman's family is very interested and would like to learn more about the church and go on some Sundays and go to her baptism.  The young girl's name is Kiana and she is very excited and so prepared.  She will be baptized Saturday at 7pm our time and 10pm your time, so look at the clock that night and think of me and more importantly think of Jesus Christ and your baptism and just the great blessing we have of being a part of this great and grand Gospel which is true.  This is happiness!  Whether people try to drag down our faith or not believe it, it brings happiness to all who will believe it and live it.  It is true and I know cause I feel it everyday of my life and that is something you can't just make up.  Darius just keep hanging in there and pray 1) for strength to tell your mom you want to be baptized and 2) for her heart to be softened.  I know that this is what God wants for you and that He WILL provide a way for you to follow His Son Jesus Christ because this is His church.  She may or may not let you but pray and follow what you feel and God will show you exactly what to do, not kinda what to do but he will show you and send people to help you know what to do.

             Family, don't get down for your "lack of success" cause I got news, you are so successful!  I mean that.  In Alma chapter 8, Alma didn't have one convert or baptism but he was successful and had "great cause to rejoice" (verse 15) cause he was obedient and invited.  He did all HE could not all that the people could.  How could the Lord blame you for other people's choices, He doesn't.  You are doing what you can and inviting and therefore you are all successful and I couldn't be prouder for my family than I am.  I can tell just from emailing that you are all changing and extending yourselves and you may not notice it but I can feel your changes.  You are amazing to me and I love you all so much!

            This week is transfer boards so everyday this week we will be meeting with President in his office and receiving revelation as far as to new leaders and where everyone is.  It is an exciting week and will be long being in the office but it is great to be with President Gelwix.  I will be getting a new companion this next week and am excited but I will miss so much Elder Riboldi, he is so awesome and a great missionary.  Pictures will be coming but since we were out teaching for a bit today I forgot the camera and I apologize so much but I promise double pictures next week.  I love this work and am almost moved to tears to think of all you and having the truth and being able to live with you all forever.  Be faithful and live what you know.  Be a missionary every single day.  I love you SO much.

-Love Elder Neeley

PS please tell Matt Hansen I love him and I can't email him or read his emails so I will write him but tell him to write me instead of email cause I want to keep in touch and am so greatful he is keeping in touch with me but I can't read it so please just let him know and give him my address and I will send his mail to his family.  Which by the way can you send  me the Hansen's address please.  Thank you and I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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